Friday, January 30, 2015

Walker's new "Our American Revival" ad short on Wisconsinites, big on foreign talent.

Not only did Scott Walker just plagiarize a former governors clever way of describing Madison, never giving attribution, his first big campaign ad doesn't even use Wisconsinites.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker political action committee, “Our American Revival,” slickly created a not so American image for himself, with stock photos from around the globe. I guess he didn't think to put a few people to work in Wisconsin, or at least send them a royalty check for their photo?
Buzzfeed: The ad features various scenes of what one would assume is the United States. Several of the videos, however, come from foreign-based photographers and appear to have been purchased through stock image sites. 

The image of the elderly man staring off into the distance comes from Dualstock, an Italian company.

Seventeen seconds into the video is the image of a woman paying her bills that comes from Polish-based photographer Sylwia Bogdanska.
Check it out:

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