Monday, November 4, 2013

Republican Candidate once filed for bankruptcy after Health Insurer Dropped Coverage, sticking him and everyone else with the bill.

Oh the irony. Republicans aren't afraid to declare bankruptcy. They see nothing wrong with walking away from their debts, despite their talk of fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility. You don't stick people with the bill, right? Especially when it comes to health care. They'll buy their cheap junk policies and make due, no matter what happens they say. 

Democrats on the other hand understand that in many cases, bankruptcy can’t be avoided or hard times can’t be predicted.  

Medical Bankruptcy for free market ObamaCare Opponents? A Republican candidate running for the state legislature had a medical bills problem when their insurance company denied them coverage. Yes, the private individual market policy that Obama said you could keep, just willy nilly dropped coverage for someone who needed health care:  
jsonline-Dan Bice: Records show that Republican legislative candidate Jessie Rodriguez and her husband, Aaron, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2006. Records show the couple had $15,364 in assets and $157,970 in liabilities at the time. Jessie Rodriguez said in an email that the two were forced into bankruptcy by significant medical expenses. "One of the worst things that happened to my husband and me as a young married couple was when Aaron suffered from serious medical problems that necessitated surgery.

Unfortunately, an unexpected denial of coverage delivered massive bills, and even with both of us working to pay off the debt, our medical expenses overwhelmed our ability to keep up. Eventually, like many families faced with health care-related debt, we were forced to make the difficult decision to work with a trustee through the Chapter 7 process."
You might be wondering where Rodriquez stood on ObamaCare? Aaron’s blog not surprisingly, doesn't mention it.
Aaron Rodriguez is a conservative blogger with the Journal Sentinel's Purple Wisconsin project, where he espouses "limited government and a competitive, free-market economy” … most of their debts wiped clean through bankruptcy. However, they did keep and continue to make payments on a car. Also, some $57,000 in student loans were not discharged.
Again, Democrats aren't immune from defaulting on loans or filing for bankruptcy, it’s just that we don’t vilify those who are going through a difficult time in their lives.

Rodriguez's opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Coppola, had been sued for failing to make payments on a credit card and another bank obligation. A landlord also once went to court to try to evict Coppola for not paying her rent.
Neither candidate is making their financial problems an issue.

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Gareth said...

I declared bankruptcy in 1998 for similar reasons and I don't understand how anyone who has gone through that can still believe in "Free Market" healthcare. Her husband is a bigger idiot that I thought.