Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Tea Party Shape Shifters, and Common Core Obama Brainwashing.

Nothing says Republican Party like the following story from Fox News. But first, here are a few questions I have to ask:

1. Should the president veto bills he believes to be unfair? You know, that checks and balances thing between the branches?

2. Should we forget about the nation’s well-being, and give preference to the wants of the individual? “Wants,” not needs mind you.

What would normally be two easy to answer questions are now “controversial.” A right wing think tank and opponent of Common Core is outraged:
Glyn Wright, executive director of the Eagle Forum, a think tank that opposes implementation of Common Core said, “Many parents will be shocked to find that some ‘Common Core-approved’ curriculum is full of inappropriate left-wing notions, disinformation, and fails to teach the truth of American exceptionalism and opportunity.”
This frightening anti-American point of view, pushed by low information simpletons dressed up in tricorn hats and patriotic costumes, was the subject of a Fox News story today. The opening paragraph of this epiphanic article reads like this:
It's exactly what critics of the Common Core school curriculum warned about: Partisan political statements masquerading as English lessons finding their way into elementary school classrooms.
The truth has a partisan lean to the left? Actually yes, but that's not the point. Here’s the heart of their misguided argument:
There's another problem, note critics. The job of making sure laws are fair is not the president's, but the judicial branches.
Checks and balances? Plus, congressional bills don't pass through the Supreme Court first before landing on the presidents desk, unless I missed something. It's not the job of the president who was given veto power over congress? One exception: If we had a Democratic congress and Republican president, right? 
And the example that places the well-being of the nation above the "wants of an individual" appears to run counter to the basic principles of the Bill of Rights.
The Bill of Rights protects our freedoms from being trampled on by someone else's freedoms. A simple truth that is not easily processed by the tea party Borg-like mind.
“We are doing a terrible disservice to this generation and the next if we only present them with one side of the argument and bombard them with ideas contrary to the American ideal," Wright said. "In doing so, we allow our children to be indoctrinated instead of educated.”
Education Backs/Dumbs Down: Instead of telling them to go to hell and get an education, they've decided to listen to these pocket constitutionalists. Blame the tea party too, because “versions of this worksheet including the questions of the Possessive Nouns section have been around and copyrighted since 2007." So all of a sudden the truth doesn't have a tea party spin:
A Pearson spokesperson told the “Hold the Flag High” worksheet will undergo some editing of its own, based on issues raised by critics, including Education Action Group Foundation.
We are now controlled by the pictured list of think tanks and lobbyist here. How does that make you feel? 

Sadly, liberals have not set up an entire social structure of similar businesses that are not only controlling our political agenda, but give jobs to a pool of untalented and untrained partisan hacks. In many ways, it's really a conservative welfare program, without a job training requirement.

For laughs, here are a few comments that followed this bizarre story:
To think we fought wars to keep this evil off our shores,...only to have Obama's Dept of Brainwashing issue it wholesale to unsuspecting school districts across the land.

Just when you think that you have heard the worst thing about this abomination, you learn something else. I have been thinking of homeschooling my kids for years…

I teach English in a public school. I can not help but connect this to the novella, Anthem by Ayn Rand that I am teaching at the moment.
This liberal comment found its way in…check out the responses:
Left wing? Since when did blindly following authority become "left wing"! Quite the contrary.

Are you serious? It's always been the mantra of the liberals Liberals don't want anyone to question anything, especially authority figures. Welcome to the new Stalin States.

"Speaking truth to power" became speaking lies in defense of power.

This is what happens when parents aren't involved with their childrens education and the school boards are run by a bunch of do-gooders who think they know what's best for your children. 

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