Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sen. Elizabeth Warren getting pushed into Running for President after her call to end Filibuster.

Let's face it, Elizabeth Warren has an amazing ability to talk just like us.

As I mentioned before, Republicans in the house and senate have successfully stopped the implementation of the Democratic Party's agenda nationwide, which means the public will never really know whether our agenda really works. It's not being given a chance. At the same time, on a state level, the GOP is showing people just how dysfunctional their policies are. Despite low job growth, their failure isn't bad enough to shake the conservative voters determination to vote them back in. 

Lawrence O'Donnell provided this wonderful Warren moment, where she outright asked for the removal of the filibuster. And isn't it about time?

"So far they have shut down the government, they have filibustered people [President Obama] has nominated to fill out his administration, and they are now filibustering judges to block him from filling any of the vacancies with highly qualified people. We need to call out these filibusters for what they are: Naked attempts to nullify the results of the last election.

If Republicans continue to filibuster these highly qualified nominees for no reason other than to nullify the president's constitutional authority, then senators not only have the right to change the filibuster, senators have a duty to change the filibuster rules. We cannot turn our backs on the Constitution. We cannot abdicate our oath of office."

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