Monday, November 18, 2013

Walker's Book a big Election Year Mistake. More Arrogance and Errors.

Investigative reporter Bill Lueders took a look at Scott Walker's new book and noticed a few interesting things about droopy eye sociopath:
Gov. Scott Walker's new book, "Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge," … delivers: A vast portal into the mindset of Wisconsin's most controversial politician … when Walker, reflecting on his sweeping changes to collective bargaining, says "the union bosses … were the only ones who would get hurt in the entire process. Which was fine by me" …. Fans will applaud his righteousness. Foes will decry his dismissal of the sacrifices extracted from hundreds of thousands of public workers …

"Unintimidated" is a work of unapologetic self-promotion. Walker lays claims to his status as a national leader and a politician of extraordinary courage — both undeniably true.
Walker’s theme is a familiar one, vilification of half the voters in the country. They are the ones destroying the country, and you know what we do to the enemies of good government?  
He dubs collective bargaining "the enemy of good government" and says he wanted to eliminate public employee unions entirely, but was constrained by his fellow Republicans.
If you didn't know, unions are on that Republican list of bad businesses, like wind and solar. Corporate lobbyists on the other hand are much better, because they give special interests a much needed voice in government.

And this personal insult to me and my family. Perhaps yours too:
The protesters who flocked to the Capitol, elsewhere praised for general good behavior, are here portrayed as spewing obscenities, spitting on lawmakers and stinking up the joint.

At one point, Walker tells how he cheered his staff by sharing a conservative website's top 10 list of signs "you might be a member of a public-sector union." These included: "You know by having a copy of the Holy Koran on your desk your job is 100% safe." And "You have a Democratic congressman's lips permanently attached to your butt."

And, after all this, the governor insists, "we always took the high road and never contributed to the hostility and the rancor."
Then there’s this known inaccuracy that doesn't seem to bother the publicist at all. But then, when are Republicans ever accurate?
The book also says "Democrats and their union allies … spent more than $8 million" trying to oust Republican Sen. Alberta Darling. But WDC tallied just $4.4 million spent on behalf of Darling's unsuccessful opponent, Sandy Pasch, compared to $5.5 million spent by Darling and her backers. Publicist, Jacquelynn Burke, says the $8 million figure was based on "an article that did not fully distinguish that it was total spending for both sides." In other words, it's not correct.

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Anonymous said...

You just aren't paying any attention -- you have made this proclaimations for years now -- always WRONG!

For some reason -- probably because you have been part of the mainstream media propaganda machine -- the "colmes" pretending to be the "left" while propping up right-wing sqwauker vicki mckenna, you have not ability to understand what is actually happening.

Journal Communications continues to prop up the book with bogus politifact ratings and when he tosses his hat in the ring nationally, your proclamations won't mean a thing.

The national media is going to pick up where journal communications started -- catapulting the propaganda across America.

I don't know if it is arrogance or sheer ignorance, but folks like you that scream to the world that walker doesn't have a chance because of yadda yadda yadda yadda make me sick.

We will see a very tough fight if walker is not taken down by criminal probes -- stepping up to the national level is going to give the national media an opportunity to slander any investigation as a partisan witch hunt.

Your proclaimations don't make it so -- walker's bogus book is going to become a very powerful piece of propaganda once the mighty wurlitzer makes it a story.

And you are playing right into their hands -- but that should surprise no one -- you used to constantly play into vicki mckenna's hands too.