Friday, November 15, 2013

Scott Walker wants taxpayers to give subsidies to people buying junk policies on the private market!

Wanna know how you can tell when someone doesn't know what the hell they're talking about, and that they’re fiscally clueless and irresponsible?

Check out the bizarre request Scott Walker made to Sen. Tammy Baldwin, when he asked to give taxpayer subsidies to insurers not in the marketplace. You know, that place where there are no rules and plenty of junk policies. I've never heard of anything this reckless before:
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker asked U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin to join him Friday in his

call to allow people to access Obamacare subsidies for health care plans they buy that aren't offered on a federal insurance exchange.

Obamacare allows people to receive subsidies to buy private health insurance through the federal exchange … But Walker said those subsidies should also be available for plans that aren't available through the exchange.
Think about that. Taxpayer money just being thrown at private insurers with none of the regulations and rules required to get those subsidies. Anything goes, just like we’re seeing with those school voucher schemes.

Baldwin’s response was clear:
Baldwin spokesman John Kraus issued a statement that said Walker was heading down a "fiscally irresponsible path" and should instead accept federal aid so he could cover more people while providing a net savings to the state budget.
I would have said fiscally insane path, but that’s me. If I were running for governor, I would use this as a sledge hammer to drive home Walker’s irrational style of managing taxpayer money.

This comment was pretty much my reaction on the Medicaid side:
When compared with expanding BadgerCare under the ACA, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates that Walkers plan will cost state taxpayers $119 million more over the next two years to cover 85,000 fewer people. The additional costs to businesses are estimated to be between $24 and $24.1 million per year.

It is a loser for any one who calls themselves a Christian. It is a loser for the taxpayers of Wisconsin. It is a loser for businesses. We will pay more to cover less people

It is a winner to the low information base of the Republican party.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Walker's expansion of voucher schools

Anonymous said...

Insurance policies were regulated under state law. My "junk policy" was cancelled under Obamacare, so I migrated to another "junk policy" that was grandfathered in.

Amazing how D's say they want competition, but they just don't like it in two of the most important aspects of life --- healthcare and education.

Democurmudgeon said...

The ACA has broader coverage than the state regulation did.

You obviously don't understand the ACA yet. What part of the marketplace of insurers, with all their policies and prices to compare, don't you understand.

So I'm supposed to think you're smart for buying a grandfathered in junk policy? Yikes.

Public education is not religious education. And getting around it with tricks and giving the money to families so they can waste it isn't responsible. We don't shop for education in K-12. We collectively contribute to keep the price low enough so everyone can go to school.

You don't get that its cheaper by the numbers, and you benefited.