Sunday, November 24, 2013

Walker suffering from his own Medical Bankruptcy: Not helping or saving people....

It's hard to argue with the following reasons other very conservative Governors gave for expanding Medicaid. None of the reasons made sense to our sociopathic Governor, Scott Walker:
Cap Times: While Gov. Scott Walker is holding up his decision to reject Medicaid funding as evidence he foresaw the incompetence that has so far defined the Obamacare rollout, other governors who accepted the money are insisting it was the right decision.

“It’s going to save lives,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich defiantly told the New York Times. “It’s going to help people, and you tell me what’s more important than that.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder … pointed out that accepting the Medicaid expansion would prevent his state from spending hundreds of millions of dollars from its own treasury. “What’s less expensive: Going to a primary-care physician and getting a physical and getting ongoing treatment, or relying on a crisis environment in an ER,” he told the Wall Street Journal.
Walker wants to adopt Paul Ryan's plan to block grant Medicaid money to the states, That idea would cut participation dramatically. So the governors who expanded Medicaid would have to make very painful cuts. Walker made sure Wisconsin had already pared those numbers down ahead of time.  

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