Friday, November 22, 2013

Arrogance: Walker uses Jedi Mind Trick, says "War on Women" line won't work on him.

The line "war on women" won't work on our authoritarian little sociopath, how could it. Or so decrees this ego inflated leader of all men, Scott Walker.

It's no accident Scott Walker feels invincible, the way he's always gotten a pass in the media. Funny, that's what Paul Ryan thought as the VP candidate, until the media began to focus on his actual record and lies.

Walker's ineffective use of the Jedi mind trick on Wisconsin women (someone tell him its not real), on top of acting like their health and privacy were just "one or two issues"...yes, he really did say that, should piss everybody off. He casually mentioned this at Talking Points Memo, as reported by Salon:
Speaking at a breakfast held by the Christian Science Monitor, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — who recently signed a controversial ultrasound bill — said on Friday that the so-called War on Women is “insulting” to voters, and won’t work as a line of attack against him, anyway.

“I find it insulting that you think that voters just care about one or two issues,” Walker said
He really thinks voters don't care about forcing women to have a medically unnecessary ultrasounds along with a detailed description of the features and organs of the fetus. Trivial issues when you consider how he's worked hard at and failed to improve schools, lower our debt, and fulfill his jobs promise. When will people understand, that pregnancy and contraception have nothing to do with men. 

So what has Walker done? 
“But I find that the women as well as the men I talk to in my state, what they want to know was I going to continue to move forward with reforms that will help get our budget balanced, lower our debts, improve our economy, improve our schools, improve higher education.”


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Tell it to the 100 women in pink that were at the Rotunda this afternoon.

Scotty's gonna find out that reality is independent of what he wishes it to be.

MadCityVoter said...

Of course the answer to the rhetorical question that Governor Walker claims is in the minds of "women as well as the men" across the state is "No, because my so-called reforms never balanced the budget, lowered our debt, improved our economy, improved our schools or improved higher education to begin with. They were never intended to. Given enough money and noise, though, I feel confident that my big money donors will be able to paper over these inconvenient facts so I can be elected Governor a third time by whatever voters are left after we purge all the Democratic voters from the left-leaning districts. But let me assure you, the voters I talk to, who happen to all be supporters, only want to hear about my Potemkin issues and never ask about election fraud or voting rights. It just doesn't interest them."

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Good catch. Walker always uses anecdote and says "The voters I talk to." Of course, there's no tape of these anecdotal stories, and the only people he talks to are in meetings closed to the public.

What a bubble-world scumbag

Alois said...

But... he's an UNINTIMIDATED bubble-world scumbag! (Beat chest here.)