Saturday, November 16, 2013

Walker John Doe Sh*t Hits Fan, Subpoenas Flying.....

UPDATE-11/17: Here's more on the Wall Street Journal editorial that suggests the investigation from a year ago was meant to somehow intimidate contributors two year later:
Wall Street Journal opinion piece says a John Doe probe launched by the Milwaukee County district attorney is limiting political speech, by intimidating conservative groups from participating in the 2014 Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign.

The piece quotes Eric O'Keefe, the director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, who confirmed receiving one of the subpoenas. Keefe told the Wall Street Journal the subpoenas "froze my communications and frightened many allies and vendors of the pro-taxpayer political movement in Wisconsin and across the country."

The editorial writers say the timing, subject and targets of the subpoenas deserve skepticism."Stifling allies of Mr. Walker would be an enormous in-kind contribution to Democrats," the editorial says. "Even if no charges are filed, the subpoenas will have served as a form of speech suppression."
According to the Journal Sentinel-Patrick Marley:
Recycled pic from last probe
Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and more than two dozen conservative groups were recently subpoenaed by a special prosecutor, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal reported FridayThe newspaper said the subpoenas sought records and fundraising information and were related to the 2011 and 2012 recall efforts against the Republican governor and state senators.

Eric O’Keefe, the director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, told the nation’s most widely known conservative editorial page he received a subpoena in early October. O’Keefe said at least three targets had their homes raided, according to the newspaper.

The opinion piece said about 30 groups had received subpoenas, including heavy hitters nationally. It named eight of them: Walker’s campaign; the Wisconsin Club for Growth; American Crossroads, a group co-founded by Karl Rove, the former adviser to President George W. Bush; the Republican Governors Association; the Republican Party of Wisconsin; Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin; Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the state’s largest business lobbying group; Wisconsin Family Action; and the League of American Voters.
Of course Wisconsin Club for Growth's Eric O'Keefe thinks he's some kind of hero for illegally revealing the subpoenas. Poor picked on victim:
The Wall Street Journal editorial page reported O’Keefe was willing to discuss his subpoena, saying he “realizes the personal risk but wants the public to know what is going on.”

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