Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Conservative Activist Wisconsin Supreme Court Ramming Walker Agenda Down our Throats.

It’s always pissed me off. Heaven forbid we have a liberal activist judge or justice on the court. But if a GOP candidate promises the appointment of a conservative judge to the court, like minded voters see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Even the Republicans candidates for president promised conservative judges during the debate, with no blow back by the press.

Our very own conservative activist supreme court isn’t shy to make their belief system a focal point of their decisions. Like this amazing example that passed late on a night Friday to avoid media notice:
jsonline: Monday's arguments came just days after the high court exhibited its first divisions on the case.Just after 10:30 p.m. Friday — an unusual hour for court orders — the justices ruled 4-3 that some unions could not participate in Monday's oral arguments. The dissenters had harsh words for not allowing the unions that won the contempt order to present their case to the high court, saying that decision "undermines this court's role as a neutral, fair, impartial and nonpartisan arbiter."

In the majority were Gableman, Ziegler and Justices David Prosser and Patience Roggensack. In dissent were Abrahamson, Bradley and Justice N. Patrick Crooks. Those are the very lines along which the court split in the last Act 10 case. Tensions were so high then that Prosser and Bradley got into a physical altercation over the case.
Isn't this really a big story?

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