Thursday, November 14, 2013

ObamaCare, "Keep your old Policy" Odds and Ends.....

Having had a few computer problems lately, I accidentally left a few video clips in the archive I think deserve a quick view. In rapid succession:

Chris Hayes did  a nice story about those poor clueless people who's health insurance policies were dropped, junk policies they fell in love with. Rep. Nancy Pelosi said it best when she said she never met a person with a health care policy they were happy with. So true.

Martin Bashir talked about how any version of health care reform was bound to disrupt the status qua, and that includes the Republican free market plan that gets rid of the employer deduction for insurance:

Chris Hayes documents how Democrats were so on board with the Affordable Care Act until it hit a bump in the road. These spineless wimps then made things worse. The "keep your old policy" crowd would intentionally or unintentionally tear the new law down just like that. Ezra Klein puts everything in perspective.

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