Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walker helps BadgerCare families get on what he describes as a failed, "abysmal impact on our nation's economy" Affordable Care Act.

I'm getting the feeling that I don't swear enough when I blog about Scott Walker. From the Rude Pundit: 
GOP Gov. Scott Walker: Obamacare Sucks Except When It Doesn't
Okay, kids, let's all follow the bouncing ball of fuckery, this time starring Wisconsin
Governor Scott Walker, a Republican and a man who looks like he just huffed spray paint fumes while rubbing a dead possum against his face:

So Walker has been hatin' on the Affordable Care Act for a while now. No way, no how was he gonna allow his state to set up an evil state exchange of evil heath insurance because fuck Obama and the care that bears his name. And no way, no how was he gonna expand Medicaid in his state because a man can't have helping the poor on his conscience if he's set his narrow, child molester eyes on a presidential run. 

Indeed, Walker hates Obamacare so very much that he has been on TV touting his book that not a fucking person will read by choice and saying he hates him some Obamacare. He told the conservative shithouse Newsmax, "[I]f I had a direct line into the president, and he was listening, I'd tell him that you need to back off on Obamacare. It's not just a
failure in terms of the rollout, it's not just a failure in terms of getting people signed up, it has had an abysmal impact on our nation's 

Man, that dude is a drippy pustule of anti-Obamacare rhetoric. You can bet that he'll have not a goddamn thing to do with the president's health care folly. Except one thing.

See, Walker announced in February that the income level to get Wisconsin's Medicaid program, stupidly named "Badgercare," a previously "generous" 200% of the poverty rate, would be rolled back to 100%. What that would do is allow 83,000 childless adults to get health care by kicking 77,000 people, including families, off the badger teat. Now, this is where it gets fun.

What Walker expects is that the now-uninsured will get their health care coverage from...wait for it...the federal exchanges. Or, you know, Obamacare. According to NPR, "Walker says everyone losing coverage will be able to buy subsidized plans under the Affordable Care Act, and many will find monthly premiums under $20." Walker said that the federal subsidies bring down the cost a great deal. And then he added, "But Obamacare still sucks dog balls and I hate it. Really, really."

Do you get it? A Republican governor has proudly refused to legitimize the Affordable Care Act because it's just terrible, but he feels free to cancel insurance for tens of thousands under the pretense that the Affordable Care Act will get them the coverage they need because it's so good and affordable and saves the state money it can use to get others on Medicaid. And that's your right-wing fuckery for the day.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

That is a well-stated post on Walker's absurd position. One key item was left out though.

The real "strategy" behind this plan is that by forcing people onto the federal exchanges, it'll overload Obamacare, drive up costs, and frustrate people. Then Walker can turn around, say "See, it doesn't work", and then try to gain politically from that.

It's a strategy that may work for part of November 2913, but will look pretty stupid by March 2014...which just happens to be the time that Walker's temporary BadgerCare extension ends for families.

Sick and cynical, just the way today's GOP rolls