Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Liberal Enemy Within must be Destroyed!!!

Democrats don't seem to worried about the vilification of liberalism for some reason, even though its been one of the more prominent themes from conservatives for decades.

But with the tea party radicalization of the Republican Party, and the fact that they now control the House and many state governments, the attack on liberalism is unabashedly unfiltered.

Republican Party of Wisconsin vice chairman Brian Schimming made it seem like funding K-12 education and contributing to "liberal" causes was an intolerable anti-American activity. These subtle and small suggestions over time plant themselves into every listeners subconscious, no matter how outrageous. From Upfront with Mike Gousha (goo-shay), Schimming made this comment about Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke:

Salon's Joan Walsh said it best:
Walsh: "It so dangerous that we have a Republican Party that no longer sees the legitimacy of Democrats winning elections."

And isn't that what its come down too? Republican majorities can do whatever they want, but Democratic majorities must be stopped, and prevented from taking the country away from conservatives.

Liberals can't even be successful without being blamed for taking money away from conservative causes and contributing to the decline of civilization. After just running a billionaire for president and millionaire for vice president, Democrats have the nerve to follow suit? Check out this silly vilification of "left wing" money in this actual laughable ad campaign:

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Gareth said...

Schimming is probably upset because he just got his John Doe 2.0 subpoena, or his office was searched and his computer seized.