Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson struggling to come up with new, more ridiculous reasons to hate the Affordable Care Act for Businesses.

After you read this latest in a long list of whiny complaints by Dumb Ron Johnson, ask yourself; has there ever been a more negative politician from Wisconsin? While Johnson says “ObamaCare” will hurt small businesses, he claims the one year delay from the marketplace will hurt them. Huh?
What does the dummy say?
Johnson Comments on Latest Sign of Obama Administration Incompetence: "The delay of online enrollment for small businesses is yet another example of this administration's ineptitude and the damage Obamacare is inflicting on job-creating small businesses.

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Nemo said...

Huh? The hurt that Ron the Man speaks of is the unplanned money and time small businesses will now have to spend to procure healthcare insurance (they had planned on using the feds "marketplace", now have to scramble).

What's really interesting is the extralegal measures the President is using to delay the Obamacare train wreck. In the future, will a Republican President be able to deliver a tax cut by just "not enforcing" current tax law? I guess you would have to say yes if you buy into these ACA shenanigans.