Saturday, November 9, 2013

Republicans use Veterans Benefits as Flag Waving Phony Patriotism.

Remember when state Republicans gave veterans and their families a free college education? Just one thing, they didn't pay for it. Instead they told the UW to eat the losses. What heroes.

Remember when the Bush administration told the VA not to promote veterans benefits so they could save the government money?

I remember that well.

This show boating, phony flag waving support has been going on for years, while regular American families and individuals get treated like second class citizens. The military is like any other career choice, bringing with it certain benefits we all can support. But everyday men and women have their own set of challenges. Like life altering health care problems, job losses, and family difficulties. They are the unrecognized engines and heroes that keeps this country running. I wrote this because Scott Walker is out there adding to the veteran benefits that is starting to look a lot like charity:

Channel3000: Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that offers wounded veterans discounts on hunting and fishing licenses. The bipartisan measure allows non-state residents with Purple Hearts to buy a gun deer license for the resident price of $24 rather than the $160 non-resident fee. They also will pay the $20 resident fee for a fishing license rather than the $50 non-resident fee. 

Conservation patron licenses, which are a combination of hunting, fishing and trapping licenses, will cost in-state Purple Heart recipients $10 rather than $165 and non-resident Purple Heart winners $161 rather than $600.

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MAL said...

A Vietnam combat Marine, a hardass with whom I have argued a lot, once said to me about Scott Walker's using veterans as props and then stealing from veterans: "“Stealing from veterans is as much a tradition as Mom and apple pie; raping mom and stealing apple pie.”

That's about as G-rated as it gets when talking to this guy who has NO respect for Republicans on veterans

The Republicans and Tea Baggers blew up when President Obama (his DVA-appointed people) changed the PTSD rules in 2010 to help veterans.

The same with helping veterans suffering from Agent Orange

The response from the GOP: Beleive in god and you won't have PTSD, and we can't afford to keep the promises we made to our veterans. (Boston Review page expired)

So, in the mean time, bash the veterans suffering from PTSD:

When Scott Walker pretends to give a damn about veterans, just remember the asses he personally appointed to head so-called pro-veteran non-profits, personal appointees with zero veteran advocate experience and zero non-profit experience: Kevin Kavanaugh, Tim Russell. Ask Scott Walker about his scam, Operation Freedom, and he'll tell you; 'Oh, moved on.'