Friday, November 8, 2013

Menasha School District Parent on $2 million district Deficit: "School Districts shouldn't have to make revenue...we're crossing a line I never wanted to cross."

In a recent blog about a bill that would turn local public education into privatized charter schools districts, I warned that parents better hope their districts can turn a profit. Well, guess what, that’s just what the Menasha Joint School District is hoping for; a way to make a profit to pay for budget shortfalls.

What about Scott Walker’s tools? Those one time tools left us with the following:
Post Crescent: MENASHA: Residents weren’t afraid to suggest bold solutions that looked at the Menasha Joint School District’s financial woes, including cutting back to a four-day school week to save money. The district faces a $1.9 million deficit for the 2014-15 school year. Menasha has made significant cuts and any further reductions would hurt programming.
So, how do you make up for $1.9 million deficit?
Lowering utility costs was a popular option … Closing Nicolet Elementary School also came up. Another group suggesting Menasha partner with the Neenah Joint School District … To generate revenue, Menasha could partner with local businesses for naming rights to its facilities or to sponsor programs.
One parent made the most obvious and troubling observation:
Bridget Balogh has three children in the school district. She thinks the district shouldn’t be in its current position. “I was just sitting here thinking that school districts shouldn’t have to make revenue. It feels like we’re crossing a line I never wanted to cross,” she said.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

The intelligence of the Walker/WisGOP design. Pass the state aid cuts down to the local level, and hope the average Joe doesn't look too closely at the real reason the local HS has to drop classes and sports.

By the way, Menasha gave 51% of its vote to Scott Walker in the recall election, and has Mike Ellis for a State Senator. How's that working out for you?