Tuesday, November 19, 2013

“Jobs” Excuse Getting Old to Wary Residents Watching their Communities get Trashed by Frac Sand Mines.

It looks like another bunch of know-it-all conservative city officials, now justifiably up for recall, will do anything for “jobs,” including wheeling and dealing behind closed doors with a Texas frac sand mining company. As crazy as this sounds, they want to locate that mine within eye shot of their local K-12 schools football field.

These arrogant city officials are up for recall for putting kids in the line of cancer causing silica dust. But they wouldn't be if the latest Republican idea gets passed:
The Assembly voted 53-39 to approve a constitutional amendment that would limit recalls to statewide and county elected officials charged with crimes or convicted of ethics violations.
With that in mind, think about how helpless you would feel having the city ram a sand mine’s dust cloud down your nose, knowing they couldn't care less:
MINNPOST: GLENWOOD CITY, Wis.: In this small city in northwestern Wisconsin, the mayor and two City Council members are facing recall elections over their handling of a proposed frac-sand mine that would be built a half-mile south of a school … mine opponent Jim Laskin, owner of The Cafe, warned parents worried about health effects from silica dust — a known carcinogen in work-place settings — might pull their children from the schools. Families looking to move into the community, he said, might keep looking for an area without a mine so close to the school building, which educates students from preschool through 12th grade.

“I’m not against mining,” said gas station owner Deanna Schone, whose children attend the schools and who was involved in both the recall and referendum petitions. “But the location of this mine is ridiculous. It goes against common sense.”
The city’s mayor has an odd suggestion when it comes sand frac mining and keeping young people in town:

“We have a beautiful little town, great schools,” Glenwood City Mayor John Larson said. “But we educate our kids, then watch them move away because there are no jobs.” He added that the mine’s high-wage jobs might give young people an incentive to stay.  

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Sue said...

Would those be the same high-wage jobs that Republicans refused to guarantee any percentage of for Wisconsinites, when they passed the bill?
Can't alter the template sent over by the mining company, apparently.