Friday, November 22, 2013

Killed Filibuster would make things worse? Maybe you haven’t been paying attention.

I thought the following summed up my thoughts exactly:
WaPo: As the nuclear fallout settles from yesterday’s blowing up of the Senate filibuster on nominations, a meme is taking hold that the move will make things a whole lot worse in Washington. Blares the New York Times: “Partisan fever in Senate likely to rise.” Former Senator Olympia Snowe  insists the rules change “escalates what is already a hyperpartisan atmosphere.”

Threats of retaliation are rampant. Mitch McConnell warns Dems: “you may regret this a lot sooner than you think.” NBC News adds: “The acrimony could cause meaningful action in the Senate to grind to a halt.”

This is mostly nonsense. 

Could it get any worse is a better way of putting it. Republicans have for the last five years stopped the Democratic Party from showing Americans how well their policies would work. And that’s the way they wanted it. Under a hail of criticism, Obama bashing and trash talking the economy, the public’s general impression is a bad one, influenced by the nonstop propaganda. 

It worked wonders in 2010, just after the GOP’s Great Recession and their charge card spending (like drunken sailors) during the Bush years. It may work again. 

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