Saturday, November 30, 2013

Walker's ObamaCare? Veterans Drivers License Site Failure.

While Scott Walker trashes website problems, he ignores his own Veterans Driver’s License website problems and incompetence.

It took the Associated Press, no liberal leaning media source, to expose the ugly underbelly of another Gov. Scott Walker failure.

Like the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation he chairs, Walker’s special attention to detail   

Where have we heard the following complaints below?
Rapids Tribune: Wisconsin military veterans are excited about a special new driver’s
license, but the state’s rollout of the honorary license program is drawing complaints of glitches and miscues … a driver’s license marked “Veteran” to help them earn discounts and other perks in their daily lives … But some veterans seeking certification have been confused by the state’s website, and others have been unable to get help through an overloaded toll-free telephone line.
Walker’s ObamaCare?
As a result, veterans have sought assistance from their county veteran’s service officers, who say they were enlisted to clean up the state’s mess without adequate warning. “We’re not happy campers,” said Brown County veterans service officer Jerry Polus. “It’s really driving us crazy.” Polus said his office is fielding 12 to 15 calls a day from local veterans who need help. State officials initially didn’t provide any guidance about how the counties should approach the driver’s license program, he added. “We were just kind of blindsided,” he said. Wisconsin is home to more than 400,000 veterans. 

The website initially did not specify what documents veterans must submit to obtain certification of their military status … Many who instead tried the toll-free phone number have been unable to get through, because the call center has been overwhelmed by an average of nearly 300 calls a day — more than the state expected.
Is the media holding Walker’s feet to the fire…are you kidding? “It’s too soon to tell?”
Asked if the state mishandled the program’s rollout, Marschman said it is too soon to tell, because driver’s licenses are not scheduled to be issued until Monday. “I don’t think we’re there yet,” she said.

Dane County veterans service spokesman Gregory Kolaske said some veterans have been confused that they must go to one state agency for certification and then another agency for the driver’s license. Saying that veterans are calling him, too, for help, Kolaske said the state should have developed a simpler process. “It’s not laid out very well,” he said. “No one knows how to get to it.” 

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