Thursday, November 28, 2013

Surprise! Walker book title biggest lie.

As I've mentioned before, when Republicans brag about courage and principles, they’re really saying: We know what’s best, you won’t like it, so shut up.  We've got our principles.
It’s a familiar comment riding the very rightwing authoritarian wave spearheaded by the tea party.

So the quote below isn't just rhetoric, it’s a real warning to the public :  
Gov. Scott Walker: “We don’t need to change our principles. What we need is more courage.”
Wisconsin, a blue state once, has seen firsthand the authoritarian behavior of our one party Republican majority. Led by Scott Walker, the right wing did everything it could to erase, one-by-one, policies favored by the Democratic Party. It was like nearly half the state suddenly didn't count anymore. Protesters were vilified, intimidated with death threats, and marginalized as a nuisance. Since the courts in Dane County were too liberal, Republicans passed a law allowing for statewide judge shopping in known conservative areas.

But Scott Walker said he has courage and leadership. It takes real courage and leadership not having to deal with the input and objections of an opposition. What a brave man.

Walker’s ghost written book, much like magical legislation authored by ALEC passing out of the Capitol, is a decidedly one sided view and revisionist screed meant to fabricate success around abject failure.

I thought the review below posted at Amazon hit the mark, highlighting Walker’s actual behavior during the protests that many outside of Wisconsin never heard about.
The Walker "Bubble" Wrapped Followers Reviews
By Kimi Ishikawa on November 24, 2013: Hmpf. Unintimidated? This is a governor who is afraid to show his face in Wisconsin's state house. He enters and departs through underground tunnels. In 2011 he posted private guards (who impersonated police officers) in the parking garages surrounding the Capitol at the other end of the tunnels. He only appears in the Capitol Rotunda to light the Christmas tree (then he dashes off, leaving his wife alone to finish the event), and to attend the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial (where he is shamed by keynote speakers).

Unintimidated? This is the governor who lined up the National Guard to protect him … Unintimidated? This is the governor who had Administrative rules rewritten because of the "emergency" of peaceful citizens gathering during the non-business noon hour to sing (at the Capitol). He is afraid of singers. Unintimidated? He holds most major press conferences about Wisconsin out of state. He even attempted to hold State of the State addresses at a private firm so he could exclude his detractors. When forced to hold them at the Capitol, he stacks the gallery with his invitees and allows less than 10 seats for the general public. He had his book release in New York because he was too afraid to have it in Wisconsin. Unintimidated? Laughable title. As fictional as the rest of this book.

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