Friday, November 8, 2013

Crazy Rep. Joel Kleefisch is just another Republican with the uncanny ability to see Voter Fraud.

Rep. Joel Kleefisch is just another example of a citizen legislator showing everyone just how unqualified he is to dabble in lawmaking. While Republicans continue to make the case some people aren’t qualified to vote, they still believe any citizen should be able to hold office. What about citizen legislators who show us over and over again that they have incredibly bad judgment?

Joel Kleefisch is that kind of lawmaker, and he recently wrote this about updating the voter ID bill hung up in the courts:
Everyone without a state ID could manage to obtain a free, state identification card at the DMV.
What could go wrong? Remember when a memo went out ordering DMV officials to not mention or post signs alerting voters they have the option of getting a free ID? Remember? The “ease” of getting a free ID is just so much tricky word play, when the intention is to simply not offer it. That wasn't the only trick either. Back then I wrote:
What prompted the sudden plan to close 10 DMV's? What about those longer DMV hours in a majority of Republican districts? What made Republicans think a 20 hour DMV work week served the greater interest of state voters and drivers? 
So how hard would it be to get a free voter ID? Funny thing, now we know.
“It boggles my mind that anyone can get through the rigors of daily life, like buying cold medication, renting videos, or getting mandatory insurance without an ID.”
A lot of things “boggle” Kleefisch’s mind. Sadly Joel, the last I looked the state constitution doesn't guarantee those "purchasing rights."

Yet the phantom menace of voter fraud is ever present. It's invisibility frustrates Kleefisch:
“Right now in Wisconsin, there is no way to determine if fraud was committed at the polls because we have no system protecting the integrity of elections.”
The conservative editorial board at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel surprised me today when they said scrap the law completely. Check it out here. I thought the comment below pretty much reflects my thinking, where it's really Republican projection:
"It appears republicans see themselves defrauding the system when they push for voter ID. Why else would they be so adamant over a virtually non-existent problem?"


Anonymous said...

If they want everyone to have voter ID's why didn't they put photos on the Wisconsin Conceal Carry Permits.

Imagine you have to present a voter picture ID to vote but Wisconsin's State issued Conceal Carry permits didn't include a picture.

Makes no sense to me.

Democurmudgeon said...

Excellent point, they really are total bunglers.