Sunday, November 17, 2013

Walker administration Doubles Down on Taxpayer supported Subsidies for Junk Health Insurance Policies, Denial of Care!!!

Gov. Scott Walker's twist on health care subsidies is just starting to get media exposure. It's a hybrid of private school voucher funding and Paul Ryan's health care reform plan. Reporters need to ask why that's a good idea.

Yes, Republicans do have a health care plan, one where employers no longer provide health care, and everyone is given a fixed amount of money that goes straight into an insurers pocket. Americans will be left with picking up the balance, purchase junk policies with little or no real coverage, and tasked with reading small print legalese that gets insurers off the hook. In Wisconsin, Walker repealed an insurance standard that made the small print understandable to an 8th grader. You can figure out why, right?

Just as stunning is the cold, ruthless joy Republicans are getting watching the Affordable Care Act roll out stall due to the web sites tech glitches, a similar problem the GOP had with their own Medicare Part D introduction. See the picture on the right....Republicans are outraged a few million people have had their junk insurance policies cancelled? What about the 5 million the GOP just outright abandoned? 

Is it any surprise then that the insurance industries government cheerleader, Wisconsin Deputy Insurance Commissioner Dan Schwartzer, would back a plan to give taxpayer money directly to the same insurers who have done everything they can sell junk policies and drop sick or dying Americans. This would be an amazing gift. Brutal stuff.

From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

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