Monday, November 4, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson defends Junk Insurance Policies. It's all about Freedom!

He's dumber than we thought. In support of junk policies from insurers:
Dumb Ron Johnson: "Well don't you believe individuals should have the freedom to choose how much health care they want to buy. What kind of insurance plan. If people want to support a $5,000 deductible risk, and buy a higher deductible plan like that, don't you think Americans should have that freedom, I certainly do." 
"How much health care you want to buy?" Is this like buying sweet corn? It's what you don't buy that gets passed along to everyone else. That's why insurance rates are so high. Once upon a time we lived by that crazy old rule, "buyer beware." Anyone think we should go back to that?

But here's the amazing kicker and long time GOP talking point:
Dumb Ron Johnson: "By the way, when we talk about allowing Americans the freedom to say, buy health care across state lines, one of the reasons that actually works, is if people want to go to a state that also has lower mandates, which means lower health care insurance costs, that should be their freedom to be able to do that.
"It actually works?" We don't know that, because first it's not allowed, and second it doesn't make any sense to pick and choose a few likely diseases. Plus, that means that insurers should have the freedom to protect their profit margins with the freedom to drop sick people and the freedom to sell "junk policies."

In case you missed it, we're talking about FREEDOM here, okay. You wanna give that up? From Here and Now:

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The man desperately needs an accomplice.