Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Chaos Agenda: After Shutdown, GOP again throwing tantrum over once Closed Federal Parks and lost Revenues.

Not only did the GOP waste $24 billion shutting down the government, they now want to fight about exempting “this and that” if they shut it all down again. Is it too much take responsibility, or learn any bitter lessons, ever?

This mind-boggling mess is about to get worse, thanks to Arizona Republicans still having a tantrum over their last fiasco. You can’t make this stuff up. The first line of this story from The Hill deceptively blames Obama for shutting down the federal parks, not the bumbling GOP:
House lawmakers are reopening the fight over the Obama administration’s closing of national parks during the government shutdown. Arizona’s congressional delegation is pressing the administration to pay their state for expenses from reopening national parks during the 16-day government shutdown.

Separately, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) is pushing a bill aimed at ensuring national parks remain open in the event that the government someday closes down again.
Adding insult to injury, and just in case the public still blames the GOP for the shutdown, Republicans will not miss a beat saying the whole thing was Obama's fault:
Republicans blasted President Obama and the Interior Department for barricading the World War II Memorial and other national park sites during the shutdown, arguing it was unnecessary. “The president realizes those are pressure points for people,” Stewart said. 
The problem with Democrats, is that they listened and do tried to help, like allowing states to keep some federal parks open if the states picked up the bill.
Relenting to pressure from governors, the administration agreed to let six states reopen their national parks during the shutdown: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, New York and Tennessee.
Instead of a big "THANK YOU," Republicans are demanding their states get paid back:  
Now, lawmakers from Arizona want the Interior Department to “follow past practice and provide a full refund” to the state for the $465,000 that was spent to reopen Grand Canyon National Park. “Past experience also suggests that the Park Service has existing authority to refund the State,” Sens. John McCain.  “After the 1995 shutdown, the Park Service ultimately refunded the State for the full amount ($370,125) it advanced to operate the park,” they wrote.
THE IRONY; the House GOP now has to find a way to pay the states back. Soooo sweet…..
But top Interior Department officials say Congress must authorize the back payments to states.
Still, the GOP won't let Americans forget who really shutdown the government:
Rep. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) “I am deeply disappointed by the Obama administration’s decision to needlessly block the American people’s access to public lands and national monuments — whether it was barricading World War II veterans from visiting their memorial or denying Montana sportsmen access to unguarded trails through public lands,” Daines told The Hill. 

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