Sunday, November 24, 2013

Media backs Big Money Conservative efforts to Crush Legal System over John Doe Investigation.

A troubling sign that the media is now on board with the radical right should send a shudder through the state. The media is calmly accepting the inevitable, and siding with who they perceive to be on the winning side. Just in time for the midterms too. Do we even have an ethical compass anymore?
jsonline:…prosecutors had launched a second John Doe investigation into the recall elections. The response from the right has been swift and aggressive. Those targeted by this probe are bringing in heavyweight lawyers from around the country … These lawyers have gone to court to try to throw up roadblocks to the prosecution and perhaps even derail the entire case … And conservative websites have published leaked details of the probe and launched direct attacks on the prosecutors.
We’re now cheering an attempt to uncover illegal activity?
Some in Wisconsin's legal community like this high-stakes approach. "It's better than lying down in the middle of the street and waiting for the truck to run over you," said a prominent Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer.
But is it possible the Democrats, without the massive funding machine on the right, might not have done anything wrong? 
The Journal Sentinel has not turned up any Democratic candidates or liberal interest groups involved in the recall elections that have been contacted by John Doe prosecutors.
The Journal Sentinel doesn't remind readers how the Republicans broke the law by violating the secrecy rules:
Walker allies have shown that by going on the offensive, they can use the secrecy rules to their advantage. "These fishing expeditions that have so far produced almost nothing in the way of substantial criminal behavior are getting tough to take," said a veteran Wisconsin Republican.
Of course the first John Doe “fishing expedition” ended up convicting six Scott Walker acquaintances. And unlike the infallible "nonpartisan" right wing lawyers, liberals are tainted with political bias:
Talk show host Charlie Sykes said many conservatives believe the first John Doe probe was tainted by political bias.
Finally, conservative operatives are even boasting that big money will crush our legal system:
There's even a sense among some Republican insiders that … (the) five Wisconsin district attorneys may be over-matched. "Remember that they (prosecutors) are taking on not just millionaires but billionaires," said a GOP source.
Any questions about our rightwing authoritarian one party takeover?

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