Thursday, November 14, 2013

Remember, Republicans threw away $24 Billion on the Government Shutdown, so why are they outraged over $1 Billion to get ObamaCare up and running?

I won’t forget what these “fiscal conservatives” spent to just make a point about how much they hate ObamaCare. Will you?

In this article from the conservative site Townhall, you’ll notice how the start-up money for ObamaCare is referred to as, gulp, a “slush fund.” And that it’s a massive $1 billion cost to taxpayers. Over and over, every dollar spent is painfully reported by these supposed geniuses of finance.
In 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was set up with a slush fund of one billion dollars to support the implementation of Obamacare. If we go by the department's summary of its Fiscal Year 2014 budget proposal, it would appear to have already burned through $811 million through 30 September 2013. Keeping in mind that HHS was burning through money at an average rate of $871,233 per day during the federal government's 2013 fiscal year, it is very likely that it is now spending much more than that amount per day … Something has to give, because they cannot both repair Obamacare's IT systems and web site and spend what they were planning to spend to do other things in FY2014. HHS is running out of money and cannot do both.
Ouch? The Affordable Care Act is costing us $871,233 a day, at least, according to “their numbers.” 

Let’s take a look at how much the tea party Republicans, and their pointless government shutdown, cost U.S. taxpayers:
MoneyMorningStandard & Poor's said the shutdown equaled some $1.5 billion a day…
...for nothing. Oh yea, there's even more waste:
...and "shaved at least 0.6% off annualized fourth quarter 2013 GDP growth." Moody's Analytics reported similar numbers, saying the shutdown cost $1.4375 billion per day, for a $23 billion wallop to U.S. gross domestic product.
Republicans don’t care about spending. They care about embarrassing and discrediting Obama’s time in office with irresponsible games like the shutdown.

REPUBLICANS WIN ANYWAY: In the end, Republicans will be able to point to the mess they created during the Obama years, as a reason why the liberal agenda is bad for the country. They prevented Americans from seeing just how effective Democratic policy is, by stopping it.

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