Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scott Walker is so smart, he knew the ObamaCare Website would Crash.

For many Republicans opposed to the Affordable Care Act, the successful implementation of the plan in states that setup their own exchanges is not something they'll ever want to bring up. Like Scott Walker.

Not only does Walker think God is giving him special guidance rolling out his rightwing authoritarian agenda, but now he has the amazing ability to see into the future.

Walker intuitively decided not to expand Medicaid because he knew the ObamaCare web site would crash. Never mind that the Massachusetts plan, RomneyCare, suffered from the same glitches, glitches by the way that were very similar to the problems Republicans suffered when they rolled out Medicare Part D.

For whatever reason, Walker oddly compared the Marketplace to Medicaid expansion, ignoring how Democratic governors who set up their own exchanges are doing gangbusters.
Walker: "The failure of the ObamaCare roll out is precisely why I didn't take the Medicaid expansion in the first place...a federal government that can't even get a website up and going to get people signed up for ObamaCare."
But if Walker set up the exchanges himself and didn't "rely on the federal government," everything would be just fine. Funny how that works. From Channel3000:

Democrats say while the delay is needed, they're questioning the governor's original plan. "We're here because of his refusal to start a Wisconsin exchange," Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, said.

Mason said the governor should have taken federal Medicaid expansion funds. "If it's better to be on BadgerCare, why don't we expand BadgerCare and keep more people on it rather than let them go into the exchange?" Mason said.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Exactly John. Overloading the exchanges is the intelligence if the Tea Baggers design. Too bad for them that a whole lotta people will be better off in 3 months, and their sabotage won't be forgotten.

Which leads me to wonder what Mr. Unintimidated will do in March when Obamacare is working, and he'll have to decide whether he should cave, and take the expanded Medicaid, or piss off the vast majority of voters a few months before an election. He loses either way

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