Friday, November 8, 2013

The Intolerable Dumb Ron Johnson....

...while Sen. Tammy Baldwin is working to solve problems, like workplace discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, Dumb Ron Johnson is fighting to restore old discontinues insurance policies so people can keep them, and making really distasteful bad analogies.

Classy stuff from our trash talkin' tea party embarrassment.


nonquixote said...

For once Ron Johnson is right about something. Took him a while. The ACA better known as ObombaDon'tCare hasn't worked is handing twenty cents of every dollar I spend and every subsidized dollar coming from taxpayer subsidies for overhead.

People will not be saved from losing the ranch if there is a prolonged illness, because of above limit costs and co-pays. Older people get booted off onto Medicaid ASSP because the premiums for the over 50 crowd under ObombaDon'tCare quickly become unaffordable, coverage is minimal, hospitals who are leading edge facilities (more expensive) are not always included in your plan.

Are you one of the marketeers like Tanya Bjork who was hired to sell this dog pile? If it was going to be so good for anyone besides the insurance providers, it should've sold itself.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Actually, John is ripping (Mo)Ron Johnson because (Mo)Ron's solution is to require a huge unfunded mandate on businesses and taxpayers to continue to cover people.

I understand you're all about single-payer by any means necessary, and I'm on your side here. But Obamacare is better than what we had before, and the clueless rantings of Ron Johnson against it will look very stupid by this time next year

Anonymous said...

Like Nixon before him, Johnson has a secret plan to win the health care war.

Gareth said...

Ron Johnson's dog died a long time ago.

Democurmudgeon said...

To nonquixote:

You still understand and apparently haven't read my health care blog posts.

You don't like the taxpayer subsidy? Tell Paul Ryan that with his "free market" subsidies, paid for by taxpayers. Surprised? McCain had the same idea. Their plan is to drop employer coverage completely. Think people will still be able to keep their plan. Didn't think so. The Republican plan is a 100 percent disruption, where Obama's effects only about 5 percent of the population. Think before you make ridiculous statements.

Your senior information is wrong. How can coverage be "minimal" with Obamacare's standardized complete care minimum, where everyone gets the same plan? Medicare exists because insurers won't cover them. Who in the free market will? No one, right? They stuck taxpayer with the cost.

You're complaining about the deal insurers are getting, but Democrats want to take them out of health care completely. It's conservatives who want them as the middle man, so they can make money off the sick and dying.