Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walker didn't create One new job in Manufacturing over the last year. We are the Lone Red State Failure in the Midwest.

Think about it: Republicans have all their job creation schemes working their magic in Wisconsin right now, and what have we got to show for it? ZERO manufacturing jobs in the last year.

Remember when optimistic CEO’s cooed over Walker’s gifts and subservience, giving him grand promises just to please this delusional little man, the career politician. He also described himself as a small business owner when he became governor, tasked with turning the state around.  

Except tax cuts, tort reform and more tax cuts didn't have anything to do with increasing consumer demand. But wages are lower in here, and slashing public employee take home pay didn't help much either. As chairman, he's mismanaged the public/private Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. 

Walker’s “divide and conquer” philosophy secured lots of government jobs for Republican politicians, but failed everybody else. The Conservative Capitol Clubhouse can ride their terms out in comfort passing big government social engineering programs targeting women’s health.  

Here's the big successes record:
jsonline: Wisconsin added 23,968 private-sector jobs — none of them in the crucial manufacturing sector — in the 12 months that ended in June, the state reported Thursday, while a separate report showed the state's unemployment rate improved to its best level since 2008.

"I'm really surprised by the lack of job growth in manufacturing," said Abdur Chowdhury, economics professor at Marquette University. "That is a key factor for Wisconsin's recovery. The manufacturing sector generally provides good pay, especially for the three-quarters of state workers without four-year college degrees."
Reality has a way of bring a few people down to earth. Yea, right. 
A new round of numbers show the pace of job creation in Wisconsin slowing by 37 percent for the one-year period ending in June — not good news politically for Gov. Scott Walker or for those looking for work. The 23,986 jobs added over the period ending in June 2013 is down nearly 40 percent from the June 2010 to June 2011 period, when Wisconsin added 39,909 private sector jobs. 

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