Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walker Campaign Criminal Probe, John Doe 2, getting National Attention.

Liberal terrorists are once again threatening the GOP authority, like Scott Walker, and must be discredited and belittled before they destroy the country.

Here's the latest reaction by the GOP and big monied interests to dismiss that petty John Doe criminal probe relating to Scott Walker, the darling of tea party losers everywhere:
Here's what the articles author, Alex Ruthrauff said about the accusations:
Judson Phillips is known to your Wonkette as a guy who once wrote that Barack Obama just might be a crack-smoking gay sexer, which was fun. Now he’s got some words in the Washington Times (yeah but still) about how the current criminal probe into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Forever Campaign (because he is always being recalled) is “political terrorism,” and the Bush-backed special prosecutor on the case is a “political terrorist.” Ha… ha?

See, Scott Walker had some friends who worked for him and/or gave him money, and now those folks  have been convicted of various crimes, so sad! Bad friends that they are, they’ve allegedly said some things that amount to: “Scott Walker’s campaign did such and such crimes.” None of this is mentioned in Judson’s column of course, because shut up, it’s political terrorism something something gay marriage.
The piece humorously concludes:
Partial credit to Judson Phillips however, because while he calls people who are just doing their jobs “terrorists” — you know, the word that means “it is okay and maybe even virtuous to kill this individual” — he does suggest a non-violent response:
Every conservative group that is served with one of those subpoenas should publicly say they have, refuse to comply and take the Wisconsin special prosecutor to Court.
That’ll show those gay marriages!

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