Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque outrage Shifts focus from GOP Vote Against Funding for 9/11 Responders, to Shredding First Amendment.

On the mosque controversy; Where are the tea party pocket constitutionalists? Isn't this a threat to our religious freedom?


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Cenk Uyger, part of the Young Terks radio show and now fill-in on MSNBC, seemed to be channelling every rant that I've mustered up on this issue. Rep. Jarrold Nadler points to the GOP no vote on first responder funding, and GOP strategist David Winston points to an imagined part of the First Amendment that acquiesces to hurt feelings over our religious freedoms. What's amazing; he doesn't let up on Winston's insane subtle insinuations...

Cenk Uyger clairfies the insanity of Limpbaugh logic and exposes Rush's usual lack of fact checking:

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