Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scott Walker: Screw Tourism, Let's Pollute!!!

Republican governor candidate Scott Walker wants to ease environmental regulations for business at the expense of tourism and our natural resources. Instead of wasting money developing a green manufacturing base in Wisconsin to provide clean home grown energy and exporting any surpluses, Walker wants to spend that money out of state and create jobs out of thin air. But he’s not alone.

While Republicans try like hell to compete with countries that offer fewer environmental controls to entice business relocation and new jobs, some of those countries are seeing the folly of their ways and becoming “green.”

China’s change of attitude not only recognizes the emerging green manufacturing market, but sees a benefit to society, the environment and increases job growth. For Republicans like Walker, they have yet to realize what China now sees as a real threat; economic growth over environmental protection.

USA Today: China's people and government are struggling to deal with a series of natural disasters that some environmentalists believe are the deadly, man-made consequences of favoring economic growth over environmental protection.

(According to) botanist Jiang Gaoming, profits and gross domestic product goals drive local governments and businesses, and "protecting the ecological environment cannot bring them visible profits in the short term. Some local governments will consider environmental problems seriously only if the central government intervenes."

China ordered the closing of 2,087 steel and cement mills and other factories with low energy efficiency, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In recent years, China has discussed concepts such as "Green GDP."

Can you imagine Republicans ordering the closing of any business because it “pollutes?” I thought this quote hit the mark:
“Conserving the natural environment is an investment in your own national assets."

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