Sunday, August 29, 2010

The American Spirit: "Why can't they leave us alone?" Ron Johnson is Tea Party Crazy!!

Conservatives have a very short term approach to problems. They never seem to understand that smart government can make everyone free and business thrive. Instead, ideologically vacuous theories predominate in a world that has already proved their voodoo economics wrong.

jsonline: On the campaign trail, Johnson is far more apocalyptic about the state of the union, the health-care bill, spending and the national debt. Johnson said he sees a society that is lurching toward a culture of entitlement dependency.

"People are saying, 'That's my right, give it to me.' That's not the America I recognize. I think we're losing America. That's what's at stake in this election."

The truth is dramatically different from the version Ron Johnson is peddling.

Entitlements like Medicare and Social Security are actual “dependencies” we’ve paid into. They’re accounts we started and draw money from, because…it’s our money. Can we help it if health care costs are going through the roof? They’re becoming unaffordable all over the world. Why are costs increasing faster than most products and services? Isn’t that the issue?

Oh, but competition is the answer, right? We’re to assume health care will lower its prices in a more competitive market without affecting quality? That’s what we’re being sold by Ron Johnson.
"The problem is (liberals) are not leaving us alone," he told supporters. "They haven't left us alone. They are threatening our freedom."
Wouldn’t it be great if we could have two systems; one that continues and improves the social safety nets for Democrats, and another where “freedom” loving people can be left alone to fess for themselves? Survival of the smartest, the socially fit, will decide who’s ideology works best.

But the big lie comes in the form of health savings accounts.

Reforms, such as health savings accounts, were a step in the right direction until Congress passed the health-care bill.
Premiums for such accounts go up about $1300 a year, despite having a large deductible, so after 5 years everyone is paying well over $1,000 a month for family coverage. In another 7 years, you’ll be paying $2,000 a month. The problem starts all over again.

Republicans like Ron Johnson have short term solutions that pass off the day of reckoning to the next generation.

What a plan. Can you imagine paying $180,000 a year to an elected politician who won’t lift a hand to help their fellow Americans, because they believe in “small government?” Talk about lazy no-count elits freeloading off taxpayer money.

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