Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GOP Gov. Candidate Walker promotes Government Health Care to Bring Teacher Insurance Rates Down!!

What do you know, the governments buying power and size can lower the cost of health care? That's the conclusion of Republican Governor candidate Scott Walker. I'm not sure the tea party's going to like this...

GOP gubernatorial candidate, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, has said he wants to make it easier for school districts to choose potentially cheaper insurers by letting them opt into the state health plan over the objections of teachers unions. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, is also interested in having schools eventually insured through the state plan.
It makes all the sense in the world for Democrat Barrett to promote such a plan, it fits in with the consistant message that a public plan can help lower health care insurance rates, but how does Walker expect to get away with it? Are the strangely silent (as usual) tea party activists listening?

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