Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Conservatism and Racism one and the same, according to "Leftists" study and book.

From the blog Dissecting leftism, I’m often confronted with an ever evolving definition of liberalism, one that I don’t recognize at all. So much of the conservative movements view of Democrats is so fantastic, who wouldn’t hate the alternate universes version of liberalism. Conversely, liberals are forced to endlessly prove their theories that define conservative:

Are conservatism and racism indistinguishable? That question will no doubt amuse most readers here but that they are indistinguishable is the burden of a recent Leftist book -- called Conservatism and Racism, and Why in America They Are the Same (Part of the SUNY Series in African American Studies). From the blurb:

In this provocative, wide-ranging study, Robert C. Smith contends that ideological conservatism and racism are and always have been equivalent in the United States. In this carefully constructed and thoroughly documented philosophical, historical, and empirical inquiry, Smith analyzes conservative ideas from John Locke to William F. Buckley Jr., as well as the parallels between the rise and decline of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1970s and the ascendancy of the conservative movement to national power in 1980. Using archival material from the Reagan library, the book includes detailed analysis of the Reagan presidency and race, focusing on affirmative action, the Voting Rights act, the Grove City case, welfare reform, South Africa policy, and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Conservatism and Racism, and Why in America They are the Same goes beyond a focus on the right wing, concluding with an analysis of the enduring impact of the conservative movement and the Reagan presidency on liberalism, race, and the Democratic Party.

It seems to be mainly a belated bit of Reagan hatred and consists of the author's own angry interpretation of various historical events. One wonders what he makes of the fact that Hitler was a socialist, that it was Democrat politicians (George Wallace, Orval Faubus etc.) who were the chief opponents of racial integration in the South, that the KKK was almost entirely composed of Democrats...

Obviously Mr. Dissecter's got a few misplaced facts, lies if you will, in his arsonal. Here's one of my own that dissects the Hitler reference...

As Hitler himself wrote:
"The main plank in the Nationalist Socialist program is to abolish the liberalistic concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity..."

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