Friday, August 6, 2010

America according to Senate candidate Sharron Angle.

Will Nevada voters replace the Senate majority leader for a freshman Senator like Sharron Angle?

Do the real issues affecting all of us matter as much as the following issues pursued by Angle, as revealed in a new questionnaire she completed for the Associated Press? According to a questionnaire, submitted to the Washington-based Government is not God political committee by The Associated Press, Angle responded with these fringe gems:

Republican Sharron Angle believes the clergy should be allowed to endorse candidates from the pulpit and opposes laws allowing gays to adopt children.

Angle would oppose making sexual orientation a protected minority in civil rights laws.

She affirms that students and teachers should be able to talk openly about religion in schools, including the right to "publicly acknowledge the Creator."

Angle accused Reid and Democrats in Washington of trying to "make government our God" by expanding entitlement programs. The “Government is not God” website says it supports candidates who oppose abortion rights and "stand firmly against the unbiblical welfare state that is destroying the spiritual and economic greatness of our nation."

Angle said she would vote in Congress to prohibit abortion "in all cases," and considers a fetus a person under the Constitution.

Angle favors laws to restrict the production and sale of pornography, and believes that federal involvement in public schools should end … (and) would oppose federal efforts to regulate private schools.

She said Thomas Jefferson is often misquoted and that he wanted to protect churches from being taken over by a state religion. The drafters of the Constitution "didn't mean that we couldn't bring our values to the political forum." Angle "believes it is improper for the federal government to use the threat of revoking tax exempt status against churches and pastors."

Can we then assume an elected government Representative or Senator will write laws based on their Christian religion, thus creating a state religion, forbidden by the constitution? What they don't seem to get is that it is a double edged sword.

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