Monday, August 23, 2010

The Conservative Mind: Fox News Legal Pundit says some Great Americans should "Give up their rights."

Think about this conservative comment regarding our Constitutional rights:

"Any American can assert a right, great Americans give up their rights, to help those they share nothing else with, but a love for this country."-Peter Johnson Jr. Fox News
Do you want to be the one to "give up" your Constitutional rights, for the love of your country? I know it doesn't make any sense at all, and runs counter to what we assumed were guarantees, but this is a great example of conservative rationalization at its most bizarre.

But the campaign to turn the nation against building a mosque in N.Y. has worked. The supposed protectors and know-it-all scholars of the Constitution see our "rights" as more symbolic now, open to the will and whims of public sentiment. So if the public would like to ban hand guns, should "great Americans give up their rights?"

Media Matters:

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. gave a sanctimonious lecture outside the proposed location of the Park51 Islamic community center - or, as he and the chyron referred to it repeatedly, the "Ground Zero Mosque." His speech was representative of many of the main arguments made by opponents of the center, relying on the well-worn talking point that this isn't "about the First Amendment," but instead about … calling for New York Muslims to "give up their rights" out of respect...
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