Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Steered clear of Exposing as phony “Self made Millionaire” image of Feingold opponent, Ron Johnson.

I became familiar with the idea that candidate Ron Johnson married into wealth with an occasional mention here and there from WTDY liberal/libertarian morning talker, Sly, but didn’t know the whole story.

It wasn’t until reading the article below, exerted from the DailyKos, that I heard…the rest of the story. According to Barry Orton at Waxing America:

So it turns out that Senate wannabe Ron Johnson isn't really a self-made man who built a business; but you can't say he wasn't entrepreneurial - he married one of the daughters of a man who did. When Johnson married Jane Curler, his University of Minnesota sweetheart, he became the son-in-law of Howard Curler, a member of the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame for innovations in plastic packaging (shrink-wrap).

In 1977, Howard Curler set up his son Patrick in a business, named PACUR (for PAtrick CURler) … Ron Johnson joined the company in 1979 and worked for Patrick. Jud Lounsbury details how Johnson succeeded: The reality is that Ron Johnson lucked-out by marrying Howard Curler's daughter, but that doesn't make him an entrepreneur and a business-dynamo, that makes him lucky. And in Wisconsin you need more than luck to replace Russ Feingold.

dailykoz: NRSC likes to refer to Johnson as an "entrepreneur" and
a on a recent campaign trip to LaCrosse, GOP State Rep. Mike Huebsch introduced
Johnson as someone that "built a successful manufacturing company from scratch."
This is simply not true.

It's not like Ron Johnson doesn't wear his wealth like a badge of honor either.

Johnson hopes to capitalize on the fact he has no prior political experience.
"I was sitting at home watching FOX News when Dick Morris came on and said 'Feingold is vulnerable. If you're a rich guy from Wisconsin, step up to the plate.' I kind of looked at (my wife) Jane and said 'is he talking to me?'," said Johnson. "This is not me buying a Senate race."

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