Monday, August 9, 2010

Angle Contradictions on Health Care and the mind blowing Tea Party Logic.

Sharron Angle is a bold example of tea party logic and conservative contradictions. Nothing really makes sense to anyone but her followers, and that ever confused state of mind spewing drivel with crystal clarity, is an amazing defense from a "lame stream media" waiting for the gotcha moment.

Examiner: Angle finally relented over the weekend … Even with a local reporter Angle managed to make some embarrassing news. When asked about what she termed "Obamacare" Angle claimed that "There's nothing wrong with our health care system. Our doctors are the best,"

Angle went on to explain that access to health care is not really a problem in America, but instead the only problem is high costs.

Even the most ardent Republican agreed that there was something wrong with the health care system in the middle of the debate. The real question was not if something was wrong, but instead the debate focused on what was the right solution. Even Angle contradicts herself in the span of the 30 second in the interview. She admits that costs are a problem for many Americans. Certainly high costs would qualify as something that is, in fact, wrong with health care in America.
Angle also seems to think that high costs and access to health care are completely separate issues.

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