Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Idiot Election, or "How the Republicans Plan to Take Power," starring Scott Walker and Mark Neumann.

You don’t have to be smart if you’re a Republican candidate running in the midterm elections. If you include “tax cuts” somewhere in a sentence, you will probably find a conservative who will vote for you. For example:

jsonline: Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann said he would return $810 million to the federal government if it can't be shifted from high-speed rail to tax cuts. "If the choice is to lose the money or build the train, we're not going to build the train," Neumann said.
That of course would make taxpayers pay back whatever is spent in the meantime, estimated to be up to $300 million. Smart budgeting?

Walker says he would ask Congress to let the state use the money for highways.
Walker is counting on what could only be thought of as a long shot to entice voters to put him in the governor’s seat. But that "feel good" long shot is something he’s opposed in the past:

Walker was able to cite a case in which Wisconsin was able to shift some money originally earmarked for public transit into road projects, although he didn't mention that he opposed the deal at the time because it still reserved some money for transit.
One note Neumann, Walker’s primary opponent,

…says he would ask Congress to let the state cut taxes with the money.
Hey it’s an election year where voter discontent is running so high that Republican candidates don’t need to be smart or tell the truth. If they win seats and still fail miserably to create jobs, even after enacting tax cuts, they can always blame the remaining Democratic policies for their problems.


  1. Walker says he would ask Congress to let the state use the money for highways???

    Of course he would. Have you seen how much they give in campaign bribes? Certainly nothing to sneeze at.