Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frightened Cafeteria Constitutionalists Shred First Amendment in Mosque Protests.

The Constitutional consevatives are all but silent on the movement to ban mosque building plans around the U.S.. Where are the tea party's? Their conservative party members are attempting to violate the First Amendment to the Constitution, and not a raised voice of dissent can be heard from the crowd of candidates or town hall sessions being held around the country.

As frightened as these Republican voters are of terrorists, just the opposite of taking a brave stand against them to preserve our constitutional freedoms, they would shred the First Amendment for a false sense of security.

The video below features a number of examples of paranoid insanity, along with the sane screwering by the Daily Show and Keith Olbermann.

Here's an even better take on the "scared to death" right wing:

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