Saturday, August 21, 2010

Democrats, AGAIN, missed an easy opportunity to Defend Religious Freedom and delegitimize "Constitutional conservatives"

Adam Serwer, of the American Prospect, just off handidly came up with an easy way for Democrats to counter the trumped up mosque at Ground Zero "controversy." If the First Amendment argument is too difficult for liberals to tear conservatives a new asshole, at least take Adam's advice and tell them government can't tell anyone where the mosque should be located. Other Republicans have also chimed in with their opposition. All included in the clip below.

Suhail Khan, of the Conservative Inclusion Coalition, is shockingly sane and offended. By the way, it's so strange to see the words conservative and inclusion in the same name, much less back to back.

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  1. what? has "miss me yet" bush now back to being a "liberal"?
    what a shapeshifter he is.