Thursday, August 12, 2010

Republican Candidate for Governor Scott Walker Okay with Arresting Teachers for instructing Sex Ed Classes.

Here’s something I didn’t know, mentioned by Democratic candidate Tom Barrett on a recent WTDY radio interview, from the Progressive Magazine:
In the Wisconsin governor's race, for example, Republican candidates Scott Walker and Mark Neumann have pledged to restrict access to birth control, sex education, and abortion. Walker, the favored Republican candidate, recently praised a district attorney in the state who said he'd prosecute teachers who teach comprehensive sex education--as mandated by Wisconsin law.
The loony tunes right can’t help but make insane issues like this a convenient diversion away from jobs, jobs, jobs if they get elected. Here’s just a part of the above story from an earlier post;
Only in Wisconsin could the Healthy Youth Act get a sex ed teacher arrested. Never mind the comprehensive sex ed courses world wide that have been in place for decades that pose the same legal risks.

Why would the Juneau County DA Scott Southworth arrest a sex ed teacher: Southworth said …

"Basic education on what a condom is - there's nothing illegal about that," he said. "[When] you have to instruct [children] how to use it - that's where you get into the advocacy issues. Since it is illegal for children to have sex, why are we teaching them how to use contraceptives?" Southworth said he fears the bill will potentially give the parents of teens engaging in sexual acts legal grounds for filing complaints
against teachers.

DA Scott Southworth isn't threatening to arrest teachers, just "warning" them that he could if he wanted to, according to the Juneau Star Times: "I'm not threatening anyone," he said. "The letter was designed to warn them of the law when this act was put into place."


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