Friday, August 27, 2010

Vote Tampering in Tennessee defeats 7 out of 8 Black Dems in Black Districts with GOP Whites.

While Republicans whine endlessly about the non issue of voter fraud, they are working feverishly behind the scenes committing election fraud (vote tampering), an issue not on the public radar...yet.

The following is a really stunning revelation, and surprisingly, not covered by the main stream news networks. I'm not exaggerating.

BradBlog: Bev Harris of the non-partisan election integrity watchdog organization … following reports of massive voter disenfranchisement during the state's August 5th elections … "Wildest election tampering yet in Memphis," Harris' detailed text message read. "7 out of eight candidates black in black locations with 70 percent Dem's but white republican sweep."

"Ten candidates filed lawsuit today," the message continued, as she explained that over the past two weeks she and Pynchon "watched as [election officials] wheeled cartloads of computers out of the building. Thousands and thousands of votes don't add up...poll tapes in trash and much more."

First described by the Memphis Flyer as "a glitch in electronic voting," reports emerged of thousands of voters being told, incorrectly, that they'd already voted. Tempers were flaring as the breadth of the failures --- soon discovered not to be confined only to voter registration records --- began to reveal themselves as seen in the above rather extraordinary August 12th report from Memphis' CBS affiliate WREG News Channel 3.

The statement goes on to charge that the election was "an embarrassment to our county and a violation of every principle on which our country was founded," and lists some remarkable allegations.

• "Votes Without Voters: ... according to SCEC's own records, 6,802 more votes were cast than individuals who participated in the August 2010 election."
• "Missing Vote Batches: Unexplained errors in vote count are reflected by the voting machines. ... twenty batches of vote uploads are no longer in the system at all ... with no record of them at this time. The missing batches potentially contain between 6,000 and 18,000 votes."

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