Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here’s another dissection of Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Road Map to a Dickensian Future.”

From the article “From Paul Ryan, a plan that isn't,” by Matt Miller, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress:

Health care. Your road map would turn the federal contribution to health care into a voucher (which I don't view as a dirty word). But the vouchers it would offer, both via tax credits for younger Americans, and for seniors in a revamped Medicare, are at levels so far below current insurance premiums as to make it likely you'd be shifting costs to millions who can't afford them.

Your health tax credit of $5,700 per family, for example, won't go far for average Americans when the most popular preferred provider organization family plan enjoyed by Congress today runs about $14,000. Ditto for Medicare (which may be why you omitted the voucher amounts in your Post op-ed on the subject last week).

Will you acknowledge that the road map doesn't reduce national health costs, but just limits Uncle Sam's exposure? And that even if this step were sensible, it has little to do with the real challenge of re-engineering America's radically inefficient health sector?

See a whole lot more here, where Ryan triples the debt etc.
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