Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Real Job Creators are Consumers. Lower wages and job uncertainty cuts into their buying power.

It bares repeating; the real job creators are consumers. Will someone please break the news to Scott Walker and the Republican drones in D.C.? Without consumers, there is no "free market." And without  consumers, jobs for the trained and untrained are scarce.

The unemployed just aren't seeing the those 30,000 available jobs claimed by the Walker administration in their search for work.

What Walker is setting up is another excuse; he'll try to base his success on the number of jobs listed, and not the eventual jobs created, because he knows the economy is slowing down due his parties no compromise agenda in Washington. The House has not proposed one jobs creating bill since the Republicans took control. The much touted voter mandate was job creation, not the bizarre tax cut, Medicare ending, save the incandescent light bulb agenda their getting now.

Action 2 News exposes Walker's flawed plan:

According to Bloomberg News:
Sales at U.S. retailers stagnated in June, highlighting weakness in consumer demand that accounts for 70 percent of the economy.

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