Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Less than 20 Years, Renewable Energy Could Create 11,500 Jobs, Attract Investors, and Save Consumers and Business Money.

This bit of information joins a long list of other studies ignored by Republicans for the simple reason liberals like it. Screw the jobs and money saving technology for consumers and businesses alike, their sugar daddy energy industries campaign contributors are doing just fine, thank you.

Press release: Clean Wisconsin Adopting stronger clean energy goals in Wisconsin could create thousands of new jobs, significantly reduce pollution and save residents and homeowners billions of dollars on their energy bills, according to a report released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

By embracing renewable energy and energy efficiency goals set by the Midwestern Governors Association, Wisconsin could create 11,500 new jobs, generate $2.7 billion in capital investment, and save residents and businesses $5.9 billion on their electric and natural gas bills by 2030, according to the report, “A Bright Future for the Heartland: Powering the Midwest Economy with Clean Energy.”

“Unfortunately, Gov. Walker and legislative leaders have taken a wrong turn, thus far. Their actions will result in fewer jobs and higher energy bills, unless they are reversed.” Since taking office in January, Gov. Walker and legislative leaders have made it more difficult to construct wind farms in the state, cut investments in energy efficiency, and proposed and adopted policies that dilute Wisconsin’s commitment to renewable energy.

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