Sunday, July 17, 2011

Neighborhood Bake Sales, Car Washes, now Sky Diving...This is Our Great American Health Care System…?

This is a small story, one we're seeing reported all over the country, without a hint of self reflection. It's just another shocking reminder of how bad the private health care system is in this country.
Fox 11: Many people skydive for the fun of it. But in Shiocton Saturday, 30 jumpers took the big leap to raise money for families who are struggling due to a medical crisis.

This year, a portion of the money will help out a Poy Sippi man who is suffering from colon cancer.

Who doesn’t admire those citizens who put events like this together, including bake sales and car washes, to help patients who can’t afford their medical treatment?

But does it really have to come down to that? The money raised barely scratches the surface of the real costs for those stricken with a medical emergency.

How great is our health care system, when support for the status quo is based on protecting someone's ability to make money off the misfortunes of the sick or dying. Are we a nation of ghouls? 

Here's what a few Canadians think of our system, based on "heatlh care" profiteering. These are supposedly the same people who'll hop a plane to the U.S. to escape their "long lines" and "rationing:"

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