Friday, July 29, 2011

Shelly Moore Kicks Harsdorf's Ass in second Face Off.

HudsonPatch: “Moore and Harsdorf Face Off in Chamber Debate at UWRF Student Center.”

I’ve pulled out a few great moments from the debate to show how Shelly Moore completely dominated the debate with her heart and mind, in contrast to Sheila Harsdorf’s ideologically drenched talking point agenda and personal attacks.

This first clip shows Moore describing how one of her students inadvertently convinced her to challenge Harsdorf. Moore’s very emotional story is followed by a brutally cold attack by Horsdorf over the completely false allegation that Moore used her public email account to campaign-before she was a candidate. (Harsdorf is referring to Moore’s mails in early March and April 2, long before Moore even thought of running. Moore announced her candidacy in early May.)  I’ve included the details below. You'll notice the audience reacting to Harsdorf's attack, with one person calling out "shame on you.": 

By the way, what's with all the writing by Harsdorf? And this back hand to Moore's union support:

Harsdorf said her opponent is very active in the union, at both the state and national level. “When the protests started in Madison, Shelly Moore was a featured speaker,” Harsdorf said. “My backers are not misrepresenting Shelly Moore when she said ‘we breathe union,’ or that ‘this is war.’”

This is a loony tunes moment from Harsdorf as she touts her incredible ability to compromise...but not this time....

One of the great moments, where Harsdorf stumbles all over herself trying to avoid admitting how Wisconsin relies more on income and property taxes then corporate taxes. Moore kills on this one:

Here Moore exposes the one billion dollar tax increase in the state, while Harsdorf again stumbles all over herself defending...LOOPHOLES? Since when are "loopholes" defensible? 

On Moore's use of her schools email to "campaign." 
jsonline: State Republican Party leaders are asking election officials to investigate whether Democratic candidate Shelly Moore intentionally used her public school email account to organize and work on her recall campaign. But a spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party today dismissed any suggestion that Moore was using state resources to campaign.

Gillian Morris, press secretary for the Democratic Party's recall drive, said Moore didn't declare as a candidate until early May, some time after the emails in dispute. "Shelly was absolutely not using taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes - no campaign even existed when these emails were sent," Morris said.

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