Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On an Easy One, Politifact Exposes another Walker Lie; Property tax savings will average $700.

I'm not a fan of Politifact, but there are some things even they can't screw up, like this latest folly from Walker: 

Trying to put the divisive fight over collective bargaining behind him, Gov. Scott Walker is framing his budget battle as a victory for Wisconsin’s property tax payers. "Under our budget, the average property taxpayer will save $700. It is my hope that savings like this will help keep more people like that custodian safely in their homes."

If he meant a $700 tax cut compared to the past bills, that’s not in the cards at all. The state’s nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projects the typical homeowner would see a $55 increase in two years compared with 2010.

And even if he meant $700 less of an increase, his assertion is not based on an apples-to-apples comparison of his budget vs. the old law. The real figure is not yet known, he claim, with its shorthand presentation, rates as False.

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